Rock Band DLC Tuesdays: SRV! SRV! SRV! SRV! (……. and No Doubt)
March 3, 2009, 9:34 pm
Filed under: Rock Band DLC Tuesdays

This week plastic guitar noodlers around the world rejoiced as Harmonix finally released the long awaited full album of “Texas Flood” the seminal blues album from guitar guard Stevie Ray Vaughn. It was delayed (HMX PROMISED it’d be released last year) but hey, better late than never. Admittedly, not REALLY a SRV fan, but I enjoyed Pride and Joy well enough so I picked that up along with Testify and the title track but before we go on a look into the gaping hole that is my vagina.

No Doubt – New

A strange omission from the Single full album release, New was probably the only song on Return Of Saturn I enjoyed. Here it’s got a nice disco drum beat that while not overly challenging WILL give your a workout. Guitar is definitely a work out, with a quick not progression that is repeated through the verses. More difficult than most No Doubt songs but guitar and bass may get board due to the repetitiveness. Drum fans this is another track for you to shin though.

Steve Ray Vaughn – Texas Flood

For the the SRV songs you’re getting your mileage mostly out of guitar. The rhythm songs, outside of a few examples, are practically non existent and the vocals (when they’re there, Texas Flood features THREE vocaless tracks) aren’t overly challenging once you get the pitch. Starting out it’s actually a pretty even challenge but once you hit the solo wow, you’re in for a killer but fun bit of guitar work.

Stevie Ray Vaughn – Pride and Joy

You may have played this to death on Guitar Hero III but there are a few compelling reasons to pick this up for RB2. One is the fact that we now have a master and while the GH3 cover is not terrible it’s always welcome to get the original track. Two, HOPO chords. Pride and Joy gets a lot of life breathed into it thanks to the HOPO chords and it truly feels like a new challenge that once again I did fairly poorly on my first crack. Still it’s a helluva of a song and guitar lovers should definitely pick it up.

Stevie Ray Vaughn – Testify

Failed it a minute in…


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