The Primer: Hockey Video Games
January 23, 2009, 12:04 am
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In case you didn’t know this upcoming weekend is the NHL’s All Star weekend celebrating 100 years of my favorite team and one of the greatest franchises in the history of sports, The Montreal Canadiens. Hockey is an odd bird among the major sports, wildly popular in Canada, practically unknown in the states and yet still among the communities who do support their teams there’s a lot of loyalty and passion for the game.

I’ve always assumed that it was this loyalty that has caused EA and 2K sports to not abandon hockey video games entirely. Sure one could argue that EA’s NHL series is a big hit in other territories but those are to be honest small potatoes (namely Canada and Scandanavia.) Even I, staunch Canadian hockey fan, owe it to American Hockey fans for keeping this series alive.

Another thing mind you that keeps the EA series going is gamers. While few sports can match Football for how well it accurately portrays the game its based on Hockey comes really close. Basketball, soccer, golf, while fun, often have hang ups and issues that stem from it being a video game that ruin the experience. Video game hockey however can be as smash mouth or as finesse as the real thing and its combination of skill and violence make it a great gaming experience no matter if you’re a fan or not.

Hockey has always appeared on game consoles for better or for worse and has always been a reoccurring franchise for all systems. We’ll look at the history of hockey video games and set you on right to exploring the world of the hockey video game and its many incarnations.

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