Really Freaking Early Impressions on Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned
February 17, 2009, 11:07 pm
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Usually the early months of the year are the video game dead zone. Most people are working on a pent up amount of games from the holiday season and new releases are usually few and far bewteen. There have been notable exceptions, most notable 2005 when Resident Evil 4, Spliter Cell: Chaos Theory and God of War were released within months of each other. 2009 is looking to be like that and then some if the lines for Street Fighter IV at a local EB are a good indication. With last months Fallout 3 DLC and March promising Resident Evil 5 and Madworld it seems this early going for this year is shaping up to be a doozie. Along with all of this however is the highly touted much anticipated DLC “Episode” for last year’s smash hit Grand Theft Auto IV. Titled “The Lost and Damned”, it brings up a parallel story line to that of GTAIV’s featuring minor character Johnny as the protagonist for new series of missions, new story lines and new chances for all out mayhem.

When the rumors were swirling for the two exclusive episodes for the Xbox 360 that Microsoft paid millions for to get a leg up on the PS3 things were as lofty as entirely new sections of the city to all new cities, like our old friend Nico visiting Vice City and San Andreas. While TLAD takes place in the Liberty City we know and loved Rockstar does a lot to mine out new places and new faces in the existing back drop of Liberty City.

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How To Be A Video Game Snob: What Is A Video Game Snob?
February 6, 2009, 12:26 am
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So you’ve decided to not be totally disgusted by my promotion of holier than thou attitudes to silly and fun hobbies. Good for you! Throwing the shackles of decency and respect is the first step to being a video game snob. You’re now on your way to pop culture enlightenment beyond your wildest imagination and an opportunity to impress people, make your self worth rise and possibly get a job at a University in the year 2020 when video game culture studies will become part of the curriculum. Better dust off that blazer with the elbow patches!

Now however we’ll need to go into classification. For you see a video game snob isn’t your typical video game “nerd” so to speak. Are video games a great concern to the video game snob? Absolutely, much like how any snob’s forte is important to them. But it’s less about obsession and more about the pursuit of knowledge, the unwavering need to be able to learn, tries and experience as much of the medium as humanly possible however the video game snob is concerned with a broad worldly view of the medium than his brethren. There will probably be a lot of confusion at to what your goal is to be on your journey so we’ll set up a few guidelines on what a video game snob is.

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How to Be a Video Game Snob: The Introduction
January 16, 2009, 12:28 am
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To me when there’s something to be enjoyed then there’s always a group of people who feel they have a better grasp at enjoying it better than you do. Food snobs think that grease ball McDonalds burgers are an atrocity to your taste buds, movie snobs thumb their noses to loud obnoxious summer blockbusters and book snobs look at the best sellers and simply shake their heads. It is human nature to take something that is fun and to turn it into your own personal pedestal to inflate your ego.

It would seem inevitable then that video games will enter this sort of era where the doe eyed early adopters who liked what they liked strip away, analyze and judge on the past time of millions. Video games are more than just distractions, some claim them to be art and they’re definitely part of the new media cannon of entertainment. And where there is entertainment there is a connoisseur waiting to be smug about it.
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The Big Grid of Video Game Butts: Can you guess them all?
December 19, 2008, 12:05 am
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Thanks to modern gaming being focused on either being 1st person or 3rd person we spend roughly 85% of the time either staring at our characters butt or staring at another chracters butt.  Therefore to test your butt knowledge I present to you the Big Grid of Video Game Butts. See how many you can guess.

A Holiday Message from Continuous Fire
December 12, 2008, 12:24 am
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Hello out there in the greater blogosphere. We (me) here at Continuous Fire wish you happy holidays whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza or the 5th Cricle of Damnation Worship to the Great Old Ones. We all know that this is a wonderful season of meeting up with old friends, consuming lots of alcohol around them and generally making an ass of yourself.

There is one stressful thing however, gift giving. Now if you’re a douchebag this isn’t a problem since you’ll probably regift or hand out McDonalds gift certificates like the thoughtless jerk you are (btw this is the reason why you weren’t invited to last year’s New Years party.) However me and the people who are in the spirit of giving like to provide something more thoughtful, something the recipient will actually appreciate.

To that end I always think it’s difficult to purchase gifts for women because everything you buy will always be though of as having subtext beyond the thought of “we’ll she’ll appreciate it.” You get her clothes and she’ll think you think she has no fashion sense; you get her chocolate she’ll assume you feel she loves chocolate and this is a fatty and so on. You can’t submit and get her a gift card, because then you’re an insensitive clod. Today though we’re not discussing on what to buy women because I’m hardly an expert and will probably be beaten on the streets with the suggestions I’d come up with.

No we’ll discuss ladies who this article is directed to on what to get your boyfriend or husband aged 18-40. For you see women have the same stress men do when they try to decide a gift for them except the subtext doesn’t exist with men. We’re simply binary switches, gift is either good or bad. Varying degrees of good and bad are moot because ultimately 90% of men this age simply want a gift they’ll enjoy, we’ll call it the Peter Pan 12 Year Old Boy syndrome.

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